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Traditional vs. Structural Chiropractic

Structural chiropractic goes deeper than the traditional chiropractic approach. Structural chiropractic does not see pain, or any other secondary condition, as the isolated problem. In addition to addressing that pain or secondary condition, it seeks to find the cause. Structural chiropractic looks at the body from an engineering perspective, and examines the structure of the body to find any structural irregularities that might contribute to secondary conditions.

Structural chiropractic doesn’t expect a “perfect” structure. Structural chiropractic allows patients to understand the underlying structure of their own body, and aids in secondary condition relief and healing by uncovering significant structural deviations from a norm, that may be causing pain and other secondary conditions.

Structural chiropractic is a great fit for anyone who’s tired of patching their problem. If you’ve cycled through temporary relief and recurring pain, a structural chiropractic approach might be what you need. During your consultation, you and Dr. DeClark will confirm whether structural chiropractic can provide the help you’re looking for.